Abigail Kirsch and Pier Sixty, The Lighthouse & Current are committed to environmentally sustainable practices. Our efforts can be seen in our day-to-day activities as we strive to become greener in both the preparation for and execution of events. We are passionate about eco catering and utilize seasonal and local catering menus that provide our guests with the freshest, local ingredients to create exceptional catering services.

In addition to our commitment to creating the finest eco catering menus for our clients, we also work to take steps in supporting our community with green initiatives:


  • Utilization of biodegradable cleaning agents
  • Purchases are analyzed to maximize volume deliveries, reducing fuel consumption
  • Installation of low flow water equipment when possible
  • Use of ENERGY STAR-rated equipment
  • Use of natural/biodegradable disposable goods whenever possible
  • Keep public areas at minimum settings for heat and cooling when not utilized
  • Utilization of a minimum of 30% post-consumer recycled paper for all print jobs
  • Recycling of toner and ink cartridges


  • Work with regional farmers for purchase of sustainable food products
  • Support and encourage both vendors and associates to live and practice a greener lifestyle


  • In support of a healthy lifestyle and organic farmers, we offer local and organic menus through our eco catering services


Abigail Kirsch at Pier Sixty, The Lighthouse & Current is committed to our many eco catering practices for weddings, private parties, corporate occasions, or any event. We strive to do our part in order to make a difference, and our green initiatives will continually evolve as we discover new and innovative ways to become environmentally responsible.